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Coir 2ply Spinning Unit:

The superior quality coconut coir yarns are extracted from coconut husks, which are mechanically extracted from dry mature coconut husks after soaking them to water. The 2 ply Coir Yarn is spun from coir fiber by hand, by fully automatic spinning machines, traditional ratts and others.

Hackling Machine:


Hackling machine is used to loosen the fiber and make it ready for the spinning process. We are supplying superior quality Hackling Machines, designed to meet the varied preferences of the clients across the globe.


POWER 3 H.P. – 1440 RPM
HEIGHT  1400 mm
LENGTH  2500 mm
WIDTH 1400 mm
CAPACITY 750 Kg fibre / 8 hrs


Slivering Machine:



Slivering machine is used to convert the raw coconut fibre to a slivered form which is then fed in to the 2 ply spinning machines. Our machine has a strong design and structure to give maximum production with a minimum maintenance of its kind. This machine can supply slivered fiber for 4 double head spinning machines.


POWER 2 H.P. – 1440 RPM
HEIGHT  1400 mm
LENGTH  2000 mm
WIDTH 2300 mm
CAPACITY 300 Kg fibre / 8 hrs


Double head 2 ply Spinning Machine:

Double head coir spinning machine is fed with the sliver roles taken from the slivering machine. Here in this machine there are two lines flowing together to make two separate spinning mechanism to increase the production.


POWER 1.5 H.P. – 1440 RPM
HEIGHT  2000 mm
LENGTH  2300 mm
WIDTH 1000 mm
CAPACITY 50 Kg yarn / 8 hrs





Winding Machine:

It’s a frame which is rotated by hand or a ½ hp motor, to rewind the spoons taken from the spinning machines. It is done according to the buyer’s specification.