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Coir Compost:

Coir composting is carried in our farm land and factory space, we use the raw coir pith from our factory and ensure it is free of weeds and coir fibres. After cleansing the pith we begin the process of composting the coir pith. The coir compost is ideal source of manure for all kinds of plantations. We offer completely composted coir pith in packages of 1kg, 5kg and 25kg Bags as per customer requirement. Below are the benefits and application of Coir Compost in organic farming.

Nutritive value of raw and composted coir pith compost

Parameters     Raw coir pith (%)     Composted coir pith (%)

Lignin                         30.00                           4.80
Cellulose                     26.52                           10.10
Carbon                        26.00                           24.00
Nitrogen                      0.26                             1.24
Phosphorous                0.01                             0.06
Potassium                    0.78                             1.20
Calcium                       0.40                             0.50
Magnesium                  0.36                             0.48
Iron(ppm)                    0.07                             0.09
Manganese(ppm)         12.50                           25.00
Zinc(ppm)                   7.50                             15.80
Copper(ppm)               3.10                             6.20
C:N ratio                     112.1                           24:1

Benefits of composted coir pith

  • The addition of composted coir dust improves soil texture, structure and tilth, sandy soil become more compact and clayey soil becomes more arable.
  • It improves the soil aggregation
  • It improves the water holding capacity (more than 5 times its dry weight) contributing towards increased soil moisture.
  • The bulk density of both the sub surface (15-30 cm) soil is reduced to considerable extent with the application of composted coir pith.
  • Composted coir dust contains all plant nutrient elements and it can provide a supplemental effect along with inorganic fertilizers.
  • There is improvement in cation exchange capacity of soils, where composted coir pith is applied.
  • Coir pith compost application increases the soil native microflora because of addition of humic materials.
  • Ammonification, nitrification and nitrogen fixation are increased due to improved microbiological activity.

Application of coir pith compost

  • It is recommended that 5 tons of composted coir pith per hectare of land irrespective of the raised.
  • It is advised that composted coir pith should be applied basally before take up the sowing.
  • For nursery development in poly bags and in mud pots, while preparing the potting mixture 20 % of composted coir pith can be mixed with the soil and sand before filing it in the poly bag or mud pot
  • For applying to the established trees like coconut, mango, banana and other fruit bearing trees, minimum 5 kg composted coir pith is required.


Raw Material Poultry litter, Coir Pith
Color Dark Brown / Black
Weight 1kg, 5kg, 25kg Bags
Packaging Polybags / gunny bags
Load ability  
Min. Order 10 Tons, 1×20 ft container
Supply Capacity 40tons / Per Month