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With 3 decades of experience, we specialize in Manufacturing and Exporting quality Curled Coir Ropes (Brown and White) according to the requirements of the customer. Curled Coir rope is a 100% natural by-product of Coir Fibre which is extracted from coconut husk. It is stiff with a very coarse bristle giving this rope a wonderful texture.
Attributes :
Eco Friendly & Bio Degradable
High strength
Available in varied length and thickness
Cost effective

Used for:
Rubberized coir mattresses
Rubberized coir pads
Coir cushions
Carpet under lays
Seat cushions
Also used for drain pipe insulation

The only natural fiber resistant to salt water, coir is used to make nets for shellfish harvesting and ropes for marine applications.


curled coir

Diameter 18mm – 20mm
Colour Brown
Fibre Length 50mm to 200mm
Moisture 12 – 16% max
Impurities 8% max
No. of curls 18-20 curles / feet
Packing Method Bobbin packing (Round Shape)
Load ability 18 to 20 tones (40 feet container)
Bundle size 2 ft Dia * 2ft Height
Bundle Weight 26-28kg per bundle
Min. Order 1×40 HC
Manufacturing Capacity 10×40 HC per month