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Coir has gone not only socially but ecologically upscale, poised to play a vital role in redeeming and renewing the earth in a natural way through coir geotextiles, the complete geo textile to prevent soil erosion and promote vegetation cover. Naturally resistant to rot, moulds, and moisture, and needing no chemical treatment, coir geotextiles is hard and strong, and can not only protect the soil from erosion but can even be used as a protection against sea erosion, dispensing with the unsightly rocks that line sea shores and affording better protection against the onslaught of the raging sea in the monsoons. It is resistant to saline water and has longevity in high coastal regions.



Product No. Warp ends
per dm
Weft picks
per dm
Delivery Specifications
H2M1 9 8 0.650 ROLLS
H2M2 8 7 0.700 LENGTH 50 Mtr
H2M3 14 14 0.875 WIDTH 1 TO 4 Mtr
H2M4 19 11 1.400 Customer requirements
H2M5 9 8 0.740
H2M6 4.6 4 0.400
H2M7 4 6 1.250 Sacks and TUBULAR NETTING are available in dimension and any grade, for use e.g. root sacks for plants and shrubs
H2M8 11 7 0.700
H2M9 13 7 0.900
H2M10 18 9 1.300